Just like the astronauts eat! This ready-to-eat Space Food™ from Astronaut® Foods is ready to enjoy anywhere and any time, no freezing or refrigeration. Gluten-free and vegan Astronaut Ice Cream that is out of this world. No need to worry about melting, grab a couple of bags to bring on the next outing. Ready to Eat, perfect for traveling, freeze dried. Originally developed for the Apollo moon missions. Made in USA. Three flavors available. Freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream sandwich; Vegetarian; 3-year shelf life; Open & eat (no rehydration needed); 1 serving per pouch; Product size and package. Astronaut ice cream's story begins in the late s with Ron Smith, the founder of American Outdoor Products, a company that specialized in food for.

Explore the Fun with Novelty & Trending Candy Tagged "Astronaut Ice Cream". Indulge in the ultimate ice cream experience with our out-of-this-world bundle! Featuring a delightful assortment of freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches. Enjoy our creamy ice cream sandwiches with a cosmic crunch. No freezer needed and a three year shelf life. Perfect for a trip to Mars and back! Everyone gets to be an astronaut with freeze-dried ice cream. Blast off with this yummy treat that'll bring back childhood memories. Grab a bad today! Treat yourself to a unique, out-of-this-world snack. Our Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich features a crunchy texture and sweet flavor. In space no one can hear ice cream! These specially preserved ice creams are freeze-dried and require no refrigeration. Just open and eat! Each individually. Freeze-dried ice cream, also called astronaut ice cream or space ice cream, is ice cream that has had most of the water removed from it by a freeze-drying. The ice cream truck has nothing like this! A delicious, ready-to-eat, freeze-dried Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich. Ready to eat and enjoy right from the package. It's still delicious, however, right here on Earth! A wedge of freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream is sandwiched between two chocolately wafer cookies. Crunchy. Astronaut ice cream isn't like dippin dots. It's room temperature, has a consistency between rice cakes and styrofoam and sort of taste what ice. Sweet Pete's Candy in Jacksonville, Florida has the largest selection of retro candies and chocolates. This is real ice cream! At Astronaut Foods, they take.

Astronaut Ice Cream - Neapolitan Neopolitan (vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry) astronaut ice cream within two chocolate wafers. This is a new twist on the. A NOVEL IDEA. Astronaut Ice Cream is the original freeze-dried ice cream developed with NASA during the Mercury and Apollo missions. Our creamy-sweet freeze-. Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich. Freeze-Dried Ready-to-eat, Ice Cream within two chocolate wafers! How does it look and taste? Freeze-drying is like suspended. Astronaut Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich 1oz(28g)American Outdoor Ingredients: Ice Cream: Milk, Cream, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Nonfat Milk, Whey, Natural and. Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich. Freeze-Dried Ready-to-eat Vanilla Ice Cream within two chocolate wafers! How does it look and taste? Astronaut Freeze-Dried Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sandwich. Astronaut ice cream was invented for NASA's Apollo Missions. Enjoy this delicious treat just like. Developed for NASA's Apollo missions, this freeze-dried treat is great for camping, survival packs, or, as one astronaut suggested, a building material. Snackable freeze dried ice cream with zero artificial ingredients. Astronaut Ice Cream · Enjoy the same variety of delicious dehydrated ice cream treats that have accompanied many a space mission. · Astronaut Ice Cream and.

Astronaut Ice Cream – Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich. $ Each. Freeze-dried ready to eat ice cream 1oz pack. QUANTITY. Astronaut Ice Cream - Neapolitan. Shuttle your taste buds to new galaxies of yumminess with our out of this world ice cream sandwiches and our naturally sweet freeze-dried fruits. Astronaut Ice Cream – Vanilla. $ Astronaut Ice Cream was invented for NASA's Mercury Missions and now it's your turn to eat like an astronaut! This. We make Space freeze-dried ice cream at our facility manually. Wheat and egg free. Try our Astronaut ice cream and enjoy the taste. Buy online. Delicious, ready-to-eat, freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches. Ready to enjoy right from the package. Like the astronauts eat! Comes in two flavors: Neopolitan.

What Exactly is That Stuff? “Astronaut” ice cream is dehydrated (freeze dried) ice cream -- it can be kept at room temperature and is much lighter than typical.

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